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We are just a small company with one very useful product. It is rare for anyone you uses the TugNTow to ever let it go, but if it does not work for you. We will send you a shipping label so you can return it for a full refund.

For Customer Service Inquiries: orion@snowcapssleddogs.com

Bike Leash Rig

  • Starting Price: $79.00
  • In stock: 216

The TugNTow Bike-Leash Rig is best for those who:

  • Plan on mushing with only one dog.
  • Have a dog that just likes to run along with your bike.
  • Plan on customizing their own line.

The TugNTow flat spool provides graduated resistance as the line is pulled out and does take much more force to pull out than a common Flexi leash. This really helps provide control of your dog while biking.

It is recommended that you have at least 30 pounds of dog on the end of the leash. It would work if you have two little dogs that add up to 30lbs The weight can be less if you have a really hyper small dog that pulls hard on the leash. If you have a little dog that is gentle on the leash I do not recommend the TugNTow for your dog.

Bike Leash Rig

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