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We are just a small company with one very useful product. It is rare for anyone you uses the TugNTow to ever let it go, but if it does not work for you. We will send you a shipping label so you can return it for a full refund.

For Customer Service Inquiries: orion@snowcapssleddogs.com

Mushing Rig

  • Starting Price: $79.00
  • In stock: 354

The Tug-N-Tow Mushing Rig is a game changing tug line recoil for serious Bike/Scooter-joring enthusiasts. It keeps the slack out of your line and the line out of your tire. It is built to last for Bikes, Scooters and DryLand Carts.

Recommended for those who have trained their dogs to pull.

If you plan on Mushing with only one dog, customizing your own line or have not yet trained your dog to pull then I recommend the Bike-Leash Rig for you.

Mushing Rig

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