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dog bike leash 100% guaranteed100% GUARANTEED.

We are just a small company with one very useful product. It is rare for anyone you uses the TugNTow to ever let it go, but if it does not work for you. We will send you a shipping label so you can return it for a full refund.

"This is an exceptional product and is very well designed. The unit has been 100% hassle-free and very, very strong standing up to powerful accelerations. I can't recall the date of purchase, but we put an average of 60-70 miles per week on the device. I am completely sold on this system."

John Guala
Westminster, CO

Mushing Rig

The sport of Urban Mushing comes with plenty of challenges. Whether you’re into bike-joring, scooter-joring or have a dry land cart we all have one challenge in common. If you get your line caught in your tire, you have a big problem. There are many attempted solutions to this problem. The TugNTow is the first high strength recoil. Its also the only recoil on the market where the user can easily replace or customize the line.

The Mushing-Rig is set up for two dogs who are trained to pull. This standard line is built to serve the majority of bike-joring, scooter-joring and urban mushers.

bike joring with your dog package - close upscooter joring with your dog

"So far, so good. About 120 miles done this summer only. Hoping for more this fall. TNT is strong enough for two samoyeds to pull. I think TNT is the only device on the market and you can be proud of it!"

Mike Iagoujinski
Montreal, Canada

Package includes:

  • → 54 inch retracting line
  • → 10inch bungee loop to reduce
    shock and save momentum
  • → Two 20-inch leads
  • → Instruction manual
  • → Two extra bolts for bike attachment
  • Buy the Tug-N-Tow to Bike-Joring with your dog


  • The Flat Three Post Spool/
    • → Makes changing and customizing your line quick and easy.
    • → Makes a sound and vibration when the line goes in or out quickly (This is a great heads up when you happen to be watching the scenery and your dogs hit the bakes or bolt)
  • Simple Polycarbonate Construction/
    • → TugNTow is built to last
    • → Easy to work on
    • → Easy to customize

Helpful Tips for Teaching Your Dog to Pull +

If you are just starting to teach your dog to pull; we have a few suggestions.

Keep it fun always. When your dog is tired or getting discouraged it is time for a break and the training can be resumed the next day. If the dog does not love what they are doing they will never do it well.

Hold off on the leash training until you have taught them to pull. It may be confusing for your dog to understand that they are allowed to pull when they are in harness but not when they are walking on a leash. Once you have taught them to pull then you can go back and teach them to walk nice on a leash.

Getting started:

Find a pulling harness that fits well. We recommend Kondos Outdoors. They have a great selection of sizes and we have been using their product for years it holds up well.

Attach about four feet of line to one end of a small pole (like a broom stick). The stick should be thin so it is light and long so it drags consistently and does not bounce around.

Take your dog for a walk once or twice a day having them pull the stick until they no longer pay any attention to what’s behind them. This could take up to a week.

Once your dog is used to pulling the “broom stick” increase the size of the pole. Step up to a five-foot section of 2x4 then when they are accustomed to pulling that go bigger like a five-foot section of 4x4 or fence post.

While on training walks do not let them mess around. No sniffing or peeing on every tree they come to. When the dog deviates form the path pull them back and command “On trail”. Make frequent turns commanding “Gee” for right and “Ha” for left. At first pull them in the direction you want them to go then work up to having them make the correct turn before proceeding.

When your dog is accustomed to pulling a load and has a sense of direction and sticking to the trail. Its time to hook them to your bike or scooter. A bike is a great way to run your dog because you can easily add power by pedaling but a scooter is a more stable platform and is safer.

Running my dogs on the summer trails has been one of the greatest joys of my life and I hope you have the chance to share the same experience with your dogs.

Good Luck!

Check out these videos to help you learn more about the TugNTow

assembly of dog bike leash

changing your line

Disassembly of dog bike leash


Three Post Spool Tutorial

Three Post Spool Tutorial

Other videos to help you with your TugNTow

Making your own lines:

Video Link

TugNTow disassembly:

Video Link

TugNTow reassembly:

Video Link

Tugntow break test:

I don’t have access to fancy labs but I wanted to show you the strength of the TugNTow. So I rented a load scale, rigged up a pulley system to my ATV and started breaking stuff. I have included all eight videos mistakes and all. Check it out; the TugNTow is pretty tough.

  • → Break Test 1 (Failed test) I tried to break the main line of the Mushing Rig. Video Link
  • → Break Test 2 (Successful Test) I broke the main line of the Mushing Rig at 1,625lbf. Video Link
  • → Break Test 3 (Failed Test) I tried to break the Main Housing of the TugNTow. Video Link
  • → Break Test 4 (successful Test) I broke the Main Housing of the TugNTow at 1,840lbf. Video Link
  • → Break Test 5 (Failed Test) I broke the Bungee Section of the TNT but the load scale was not on.
         Video Link
  • → Break Test 6 (Successful Test) I broke the Bungee Section at 720lbf. Video Link
  • → Break test 7 (Failed Test) To shorten the line to accommodate the pulley set up. I tied a knot in the main line of the Bike Leash Rig and this significantly reduced the strength of the line. The line broke at the knot at 570lbf. Video Link
  • → Break Test 8 (Successful test) I used a section of main line for the Bike Leash Rig that had woven loops identical to the way the Bike Leash Rig is set up. This time the load rating was more in line with what to expect. The line broke at 1,055lbf. Video Link

Note From The Inventor:

I built the TugNTow to last. It's built from the same polycarbonate material as football helmets. My original prototypes have been used in scooter-joring tours for two years now. They have taken lots of crashes and been out in the weather year round. The line is made of Braided Nylon and is pretty tough.
- The main device has a 2,000lb break strength
- The rope & bungee have a 1,000lb break strength

The TNT is built to handle whatever urban mushing or bike-joring adventures you and your dogs are willing to go try.

Have fun!

Note for Beginners:

The Mushing Rig is perfect for two dogs that are trained to pull. If you do not yet have a dog trained to pull or if you plan on only mushing with one dog; the Bike-Leash Rig would be the best option for you. It has more recoiling line to provide more space for a dog in training and if you only have one dog pulling you might as well have all the line recoil.

Check out more videos of Bike-joring and the Tug-N-Tow. Bike Joring Videos on YouTube